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Hangzhou Gunan Technology Co.,Ltd is an Export-oriented enterprises in the field of trailer parts processing and can do metal processing from sheet cutting, CNC machining,welding fabrication, surface treatment and assembly.Most of the products are produced under our customers' specification or samples.Until now, We supply our service to Trailer & moveable vehicle, engineering machinery, communications and power generation equipment and others . So far, the products have been exported to the United States, Western Europe, Australia and other countries. We received high reputation from our customers.Meanwhile, Showland Power, as Gunan sub-company is the Mean Well distributor for 7 years, & also supply Led light housings from 40W to 250W. Our knowledge and experience in the metal industry will help you to find the exact products which you are looking for in the Chinese market. We are looking forward to your business in the future
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Zhejiang, China
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11 - 50 People
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US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
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